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Report by Russ Jackson, Photos by various RailPAC Photographers

Cabbage car at Fair Park Dallas May 22 2016

Some call them “Cabbage Cars,” the former F-40 locomotives that have been turned into cab control cars used on various short distance trains where there is no “wye” to turn the train. NPCU car 90222 is shown in the Ft. Worth, Texas passenger yard attached to the Heartland Flyer trainset on a cloudy May 25, 2016. All of the Cabbage Cars were sidelined pending a FRA investigation, since one of them separated from a Chicago-bound Hiawatha and rolled away. (Russ Jackson photo)

Harlowton MT display June 24, 2016 Anthony

Rail history on display at Harlowton, Montana, June, 2016. This is the last E57B electric locomotive used by the Milwaukee Road on its 656 mile electrified freight and passenger railroad, the route of the Olympia Hiawatha from Chicago to Seattle. It was built by GE in 1915 and was retired for display in 1974, in this park in this town, the eastern end of electrified territory located on US 12. (Anthony Lee photo)

Noel 6-2016 Expo line at Santa Monica

This picture is worth a thousand words. When the Los Angeles Expo line opened its extension to Santa Monica the first question was how do you get to the Pier? The end of the line is at Colorado Boulevard, and all you have to do to get to the Pier and beach is walk toward the famous Pier sign as the folks in this July 1 photo are doing. (Noel Braymer photo)

DART DFW station with AAL tail uncropped June 2016

Dallas DART trains do not have red white and blue fins sticking out of the roofs. This DART Orange Line train is at its endpoint, the DFW Airport station. That fin is the tail of an American Airlines plane that is passing on the taxiway above the train station at Terminal A on June 24. (Russ Jackson photo)

Strandberg trip 5-2016 Salton bird nest

This photo has two purposes, it shows the west end of the Union Pacific’s Sunset Route double tracking at milepost 637, Salton, California. A close look below the colorlight signal shows a birds’ nest that has obviously been there for a long time and is tolerated by the signal workers. (Richard Strandberg photo)

Bus connection Newton to OKC banner at FTW 7-2012

Amtrak has initiated a bus connection from the Southwest Chief at the Newton, Kansas station, through Wichita to Oklahoma City to connect with the Heartland Flyer, which will carry passengers to Ft. Worth where they can also connect to the Texas Eagle trains. This banner promoting the service is on display at the Ft. Worth, Texas, Intermodal Transit Center. Sometimes Amtrak implements a good idea that has been discussed for decades. Latest word is the Thruway bus is doing quite well. (Russ Jackson photo)